Checking rocks around vilages Pecka and Baraći

22 March 2012

naslovna-pecka-baraciOn 1st of May i was near Sana spring. If the purpose was not climbing, i couldn't avoid to notice those white-to-blue overhangs up the hill. Seemed short, but maybe not so much...

The week after, Igor told me about one of his friends living in the same area. He had shown him some photos of a pocketed rock presenting the same colours ... We decided to go and have a look at it when we have time. The opportunity came soon and after a check on Google Earth, we were almost sure that we were talking a bout the same rocks. Igor took me Wednesday 12.05.2010. at 8.30 and we left with the hope of finding something at least nice.


One hour and half later we took the macadam road leading to the top of the hill. And began to find a way to go down. After 5 minutes of a ridiculous fight, we were at the bottom of the first sector, which must be the highest, around 25 meters. We are pretty used to discover loose rocks, but this one, filled with pockets and pebbles, was much different. For those who heard about Margalef or Montsant, in Spain, no need to go further. For the others, imagine pebbles stucked in a big cake like cherries. Pockets are the missing ones, took out by erosion. That gives different colours, from white and orange when rain cannot reach the rock (which means mainly in overhangs) to blue. The main shape is the bowl, with sometimes several one on each other!

Really enthusiastic by this first sight we soon decided to check everything during this day, whatever the appointments planned before. Next sector visited offered a huge overhang followed by less negative profile. We were psyched! Where's the next?? But, at this moment, we had to accept reality as it is. Many rocks for sure, but a part of it will remain virgin: really short or not adapted to modern climbing. But adventurers can still go and have a look.

So on this second part, we were quite fast. Yes it's nice and it's still possible to find potential lines, but we expected to find the same as for beginning. That was the moment to make a pause, we were getting tired and hungry and Pane's aunt was living just down there. Some cookies, some rakia, local histories and let's go again, a third amount of rocks is waiting for us to come. Nice moment to catch the rain; not always so fun to leave paths for wet forest. BUT: here the rocks are bigger, quality seems ok in spite of some more cleaning work ... ha ha , power is in the air ! After a first real crag, around 20 meters, some others around 10 or 15 will be very interesting. You will just have to like pulling hard on monos and two finger pockets...

Time to go to Mrkonjic Grad and screw some holds on their new boulder. What's more, rain and thunders are coming and the car is 2 kilometres further, at the very beginning of this range of promising rocks. A last run under the shower and that's it! Back at the car, turn on the heat Igor, we have to dry now...

Julien Mayet


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