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Pecka Rock Challenge 2011 Story

24 March 2012

pecka-report-naslovnaStory about Pecka Pecka Rock Challenge, 14.- 15.05.2011.







The most motivated setters, fans of that amazing cliff worked hard the week before the start of the contest and so, not less than five new routes were bolted in few days. For the climbing meeting, the climbing club Extreme was proud to provide 23 routes in a large range of difficulty (4c to 8a). Everything looked great in order to enjoy those two days of vertical trips.


Ko radi ne boji se gladi! :-) Stara penjačka poslovica.
Last moment for bolting (from the left : me, Ju and Igor).

On friday night, the first climbers arrived after 8 hours of driving from Romania to set their tents next to ours and of the Germans who came during the week. In the morning of the saturday, there were 30 climbers from Croatia, Serbia, France and of course Bosnia.

For the first day of the contest, the sun begun to be an important parameter to consider because of the orientation of the cliffs (full south). Anyway, nothing could beat the motivations of the geckos when all those finger pockets are like eyes looking on them, waiting for fights and encouragements.


Climbing here ...


And there.

The first ascents were hard for everybody, there is a need of adaptation to manage the climbing style that could be described by precision, technique, balance and sustained efforts. But the smiles of all the faces were proofs that nobody was disappointed by the routes, some of them were even climbed once only !



Markus in Šarena Laza (6b).

The climbers resting on the ground gave a lot of their vocal energy to help the one who is fighting so hardly to gain some height, meters after meters. These days were totally in the mood of what we can call the « climbing spirit », no matter if somebody is a beginner or a 7th grade killer, the goal was sharing a passion, all together in an emulating atmosphere.



Julien in Monolisa (7c+)

The saturday night party was the good occasion to exchange experience of climbing in many countries of Europe. That was also the time for enjoying discussions about projects and making links between different cultures, exchanging knowledge around the fire and drinks.




Time for having fun


Local people


On the last day of contest, many local people came with curiosity to see what is happening there, on these rocks. They started to encourage the climbers and that was for them a discover, some of them have even tried to see what is climbing. At the end of the day, the last climbers were awarded for climbing more routes than the others, kind of logical end of that first Pecka rock challenge. Thanks for all the participants and hope to see you again for the next meeting.



Winning team


Climbing guide for Pecka can be seen HERE.



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