Results for the last round of Championship of B&H held in Zenica on 23rd Dec 2007

22 March 2007

At the last round of Championship of B&H in sport climbing, climbers of climbing club Extreme have made a considerable accomplishment by taking the third(Snježana Ivetić) and fourth(Marija Duvnjak) place in the woman’s category and second(Igor Vukić) and sixth(Nebojša Šljukić) place in the men’s category. We should also point out that four climbers from Banjaluka (two from CC Extreme and two from SCC Solo) have made it into finals u the men’s category, which shows the tendency that Banjaluka is slowly but securely becoming the center of sport climbing in RS and B&H. You can see complete results here.


1. Amina Avdić, No Comment, Sarajevo
2. Erna Heremić, Scorpio, Zenica
3. Snježana Ivetić, Extreme, Banja Luka
4. Marija Duvnjak, Extreme, Banja Luka
5. Amira Halilović, Alpinistički klub Sarajevo
6. Ena Hašinbegović, Scorpio, Zenica
7. Emina Merdan, Scorpio, Zenica
8. Edina Hajder, Atom, Zavidovići
8. Dina Jašarević, Atom, Zavidovići
8. Amra Muhić, Atom, Zavidovići
8. Mensura Galijašević, Atom, Zavidovići


Junior male:

1. Aldin Kličić, Limit, Bihać
2. Ernad Vajzović, Atom, Zavidovići
3. Mirza Bašić, Atom, Zavidovići
4. Zijad Tursić, Atom, Zavidovići
5. Harun Alihodžić, Scorpio, Zenica
6. Benjamin Mašić, Limit, Bihać
7. Hamza Drino, Alpinistički klub Sarajevo
7. Robert Veljačić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Rifet Omerović, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Dino Mehinagić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Tarik Zulčić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Adnan Jusupović, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Benjamin Fazlić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Arman Džankić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Esad Softić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Irdin Karahasanović, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Ismar Ćosić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Edin Uljić, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Amar Čahtarević, Atom, Zavidovići
7. Ahmed Salkanović, Atom, Zavidovići


1. Armin Gazić, Scorpio, Zenica
2. Igor Vukić, Extreme, Banja Luka
3. Denis Serdarević, Scorpio, Zenica
4. Damir Misija, Solo, Banja Luka
5. Dušan Stranatić, Solo, Banja Luka
6. Nebojša Šljukić, Extreme, Banja Luka
7. Stefan Ekmečić, Alpinistički klub Sarajevo
8. Emir Hodžić, Scorpio, Zenica
8. Haris Ćano, Alpinistički klub Sarajevo
10. Damir Frenjo, No Comment, Sarajevo
11. Tomo Maltar, No limit, Sarajevo
12. Maid Jusupović, Atom, Zavidovići
13. Rasim Mujagić, Limit, Bihać
13. Goran Duduković, Extreme, Banja Luka
15. Emir Golić, Limit, Bihać
15. Dino Ruždić. Limit, Bihać
15. Dario Bajer, Limit, Bihać
15. Armin Halilović, Atom, Zavidovići
15. Amir Topalović, Atom, Zavidovići
15. Mario Mileusnić, Atom, Zavidovići
15. Adis Hrnjica, Limit, Bihać


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