Pecka Rock Climbing Festival 2013

16 February 2013

naslvona pecka2013

On the weekend from 17th-19th may, climbing club "Extreme" will organise a climbing festival on our new climbing area Pecka.


TYPE OF COMPETITION: Relaxed/non-formal on outdoor rocks

ACCOMODATION: A camping place is reserved, no electricity (but, there is a possibility of charging electrical devices in the village, located 5 minutes walking from the campsite)

FOOD: Not provided. There is a shop approximately 5km away from the camp. it is possible to buy domestic products (bread, kajmak, jaja, rakija) and whole meals in the village.

PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME: (times stated in the schedule are reference-only, and are susceptible to change, depending on the wishes of the participants, the weather,...)


Friday, 17th may:


  • Welcome and acquaintance with the organisation of the camp:
  • Climbing the whole day
  • 20:00h - Partying and hanging out :)

 Saturday, 18th May:


  • 09:00h - Meeting about technicalities
  • 09:30h - 20:00h - Climbing
  • 20:00h - Dinner and party

Sunday, 19th May:


  • 09:00h - 19:00h - Climbing
  • 19:00h - 20:00h - Award presenting ceremony
  • 20:00h - Farewell party


* Other activities include: slackline, ultimate pull-up challenge, zipline, excursion, games,....

 After the festival all interested participants will be able to prolong their stay in the camp.


COTISATION: Cotisation for the festival is 10 BAM or 5EUR.

REGISTRATION: Registration of applicants is performed online, by clicking HERE.



For this festival, around 20-30 new routes (next to 40 existing ones) of various difficulties, will be bolted. The length of the routes is mainly from 20-25 meters. More information (beside the online topo) will be given by the organizers on the spot. Climbing on top-rope, will be punished by whipping. Every one of the new routes will carry 1000 points, and this number of points will be divided by the number of participants, that have climbed the route. When you calculate the number of points, you can carry that number in your heart, as a sign of accomplishment, because you won't have any benefit out of it, whatsoever :D

No, seriously, the festival is really laid back, so if you want to climb and hang out in good company, feel free to join us. still, the hardest grade climbed and the largest number of climbed routes will not go by unnoticed :)

NOTE: It is recommended to all participants to wear helmets during climbing.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take a loog ath the site on GOOGLE MAPS. In village Baraći that is located on the main road take a turn to the village Pecka, and after that towards village Ubovića brdo. On these village roads there are signs towards the climbing site. For those ones who plan to arrive by bus, there is a possibility to organize transport from Banja Luka or Baraći. For all additional information feel free to contact us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


CALL FOR ROUTESETTERS: If you are a routesetter and you would like to help us with making new routes in this area, please contact us on our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In April of just before festival we will probably organize bolting week, accomodation will be provided and at moment we are trying ot manage some food, but we cannot garantie that. Anyway if you are interested your help is more than need, so just contact us and we will arange something. :-) 


PREVIOUS FESTIVALS:   Pecka Rock Climbing Festival 2012
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SPONSORS: Pecka Rock Climbing Festival 2013 is supported throught the project "Climbing for tolerance" which is financed by embassy of Uninted States in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Festival was also supported by Municipality of Mrkonjic Grad. Routesetting was supported by FIRMA project.  

FIRMA project





Promo video for Pecka Rock Climbing Challenge 2011 :-)